The “Agriturismo” is a rural restaurant , often family run, where to taste the most traditional dishes from Sardinia.

From appetizers like grilled fresh veggies to freshly homemade pasta (ravioli, gnocchi), the suppa cuata (literally hidden soup) and the renown suckling piglet and lamb. Desserts are typical pastries ( acciuleddi, papassini, formagelle) and fabulous Seadas (a pastry filled with fresh cheese and topped with honey).

Local spirits like Mirto, Limoncello and Grappa never run short.


-          Saltara, +39.0789.755597, Loc Saltara (direzione Rena Majore)

-          La Tegghja, +39.079.655224 Rena Majore

-          Gli Ulivi, +39.079.659587 Bassacutena (direzione S. Pasquale/li lieri)

-          La Colti, +39.0789.88440 Cannigione

-          Muto di Gallura, +39.079.620559, Aggius (direzione Tempio)

-          Lu Pilastru, +39.0789.82936 Arzachena (direzione Bassacutena)

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